About Me

About Me

Hello, my name is Doh. I am very bad at writing about myself but hear is the gist...

Known Languages and Other

Javascript 100%

With node.js, I work heavily with Express for a proper backend of a webserver and Discord libraries such as Eris and Discord.js to make discord chat bots. I also can work with much more in node. I have worked with javascript for around 3 years.

Python 60%

With python I usually create applications including Discord Applications with discord.py and creating other projects such as packages and webservers with flask. I have worked with python for a few months.

Java 40%

I have switched on and off with Java, I usually use it to build Minecraft plugins using Spigot and other times I build games in my freetime. I have worked with java for a year.


I have been working with many databases throughout the years of programming, I have almost complete knowledge on MongoDB, MySQL and RethinkDB. I usually use databases to store data for applications such as chat bots or website backends.


I have worked with other languages but not as much as the ones I listed above. These include HTML, PHP, C#, .NET and Visual Basic.